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Greetings, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who is interested in visiting the website of Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc (SSI), Southeast Asia’s largest producer of hot rolled steel sheet in coils (HRC).

This website was launched to generate channels to increase knowledge and publicize news and information related to our Company. Steel plays an important role in today’s society; it has become increasingly essential for our daily lives and continues to be developed to allow improvement throughout the world.

In Thailand, the steel industry began significant development in 1988 as the government supported the investment in hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled coil and coated steel sheets. The investment was to encourage Thailand to become an industrially developed country and represented the significant starting point where steel and iron industries have begun.

In 1990, Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc (SSI) was established to respond to the government’s policy to support the development of the steel industry. The steel industry is the primary industry which supports the expansion of other related industries as well as supports the rising domestic demand for steel products. This enabled Thailand to substitute imports and reduce trade deficit, which at that time amounted to tens of billions of baht per year.

SSI thus became Thailand's first HRC producer and one of thirteen industries regarded by the government as vital to the country's interests. On this basis, SSI is contributing to the economic and social security of the nation.

In this brief history of Thailand's steel industry lies only the beginning of SSI, our website contains many more interesting details such as our corporate background, our Business Philosophies, Vision and Mission, Share Values, Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance. You can also find out more information about our products, production process and machinery, information centre, technical consulting service, our Company's accomplishments, career search, corporate news and investment data.

"I truly hope that this website will help provide a better understanding of our Company and efficiently improve our communication. I would like to thank everyone for visiting our website once again, and hope that the information will be of benefit to you. We are interested in your opinions and suggestions for any future improvements which will be of benefit to the public."
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